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The Maze Runner: The Scotch Trials (2015)

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The Maze Runner: The Scotch Trials (2015)


Dylan O'Brien
Kaya Scodelario
Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Ki Hong Lee
Will Poulter

Directed by Wes Ball

Looking more like a loaded gun waiting to exploded, but just missing the mark is the follow up to The Maze Runner (2014). The movie was like, get free to be captured. Break free and get captured. Break free again and get captured. In captivity they get captured.

After seeing the first movie in the series I had to see the second to know what will happen to the young adults, after they got out of the maze.
Maze Runner: The Scotch Trials introduces us to a new world, which seemed suspicious. Exciting as the first Maze Runner was the second wasn’t as exciting and the movie tries to play with your mind a little digging hard to make you as intrigued as you were when watching the first film.

Taking too long to get started is this second part in the Maze Runner trilogy, but when the running starts and the fighting begins I started to sit up aching to see what it was all about.

Guys, I saw zombies. The end of the first movie gives us an idea of what the next movie would have installed for us, but zombies wanting to eat humans wasn’t what I expected. Which made me glad I didn’t read up the movie before watching because zombies are not my thing. But I have to give it to the director, what he did was to make the movie not focus on the zombies and people trying to get away from them, (although there is a long scene where we see our leads running from these creatures). But, the movie focuses on the young adults who made it out of the maze and the people who captured them after they did.

The Scotch Trials was released in 2010 and is James Dashner’s follow up book to The Maze Runner. The movie picks up where the first left off. The Boys and girl were picked up by the same people who locked them in the Maze although they didn’t know that right then. Things seemed suspicious as Thomas was not allowed to see Teresa. The quest to find her led him and the rest to discover what their captors wanted with them. So they escape, and run into zombie like creatures. They escape from them to run into a group of survivors. Their previous captors and Maze owners WCKD came after them again. They escape and run into another group of survivors. Betrayed by someone in their group, WCKD finds them and we have a mild blood bath, with some getting captured again.

Thomas is now hell bent on bringing the fight to WCKD.

The movie finally introduce faces I knew, as the adults in the movie were more familiar, I would not rate this movie lower than the first, but I would say I hope the third movie in the series is packing. Good follow up, but could have been better.


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