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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)


Ben Affleck
Henry Cavill
Amy Adams
Jesse Eisenberg

Directed by Zack Snyder

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, is a movie that seem like the action scenes and the explosions were shot first before a story was written to join it all together and in the end the story didn’t work.

Sat through this movie expecting to like it regardless of what the critics say, but in the end I felt I have wasted two and a half hours of my life watching a constipated movie. Zack Synders had too many ideas and tried to lump it all into this movie and when things didn’t make much sense, explosions and counter explosions were used to fill in the gap. Add that disappointment to the immerse special effects and the all too cartoony Jesse Eisnberg’s Lex Luthor portrayal, get ready for: when things weren’t blowing up or buildings being destroyed you are going to be bored.
The Lex Luthor we know is a gentleman villain always working up some mean ideas and seemingly one step ahead of the viewers. This Lex is more like a joke in comparison, a sociopath who comes out as rich, spoilt and bored kid looking for some entertainment.

Disney pumped enough money to kick off the Marvel universe, and they are way ahead of DC in the formation of their earth heroes’ league, namely The Avengers. Warner Bros and DC realizing they have to catch up slumped everything together in this movie to introduce the characters that would be Justice League. In the end it is a good intro to the Justice League but a bad movie all together.
I guess we expected too much because unlike Man of Steel (2013) whose story was just as disjointed as this, the focus mainly was on Superman, discovering himself and taking down an enemy, so the whole picture worked in the end. Here the focus is divided across Clark Kent/Superman, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Lex Luther and add some Wonder Woman in the mix the disjointed story becomes more disjointed and doesn’t work as the story seems forced on the proposed action.

The movie kicks off after the events of Man of Steel (2013), Superman has made waste to the city while trying to save it. The law makers are worried about their new found hero and Bruce Wayne is not having an out of control alien on the loose without a leash. Lex too feels a need to put the man of steel in his place and in the end we have an all macho man showdown.

And if you are eager to see the fight between our two heroes, you will have to wait and endure long political brouhaha and our leads trying to discover themselves before it finally gets off.  

The best thing in this movie is not Batman or Superman it was the introduction of Wonder Woman, the three of them on screen at a time was what we looked forward to, (thanks to the trailers) and it was not great a sight, but ok.

Ben Affleck is not a bad Batman in the end, His character is well diced into the movie and his portrayal is not far-fetched and you will notice a more comfortable Superman in Henry Cavill.

This movie is a total waste of your time and a disappointment to its huge budget.


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