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Ride Along 2 (2016)

Ride Along 2 (2016)


Ice Cube
Kevin Hart

Directed by Tim Story

Ride Along 2 is not just boring and unfunny, the story is totally off and the screenplay is unbelievably weak, then there is a scene where Ben (Kevin Hart) is driving in a high speed chase and the whole scene turns to a video game animation. According to the writers Ben is visualizing the game and pulling off stunts in real life what he has mastered while playing the game and according to me the viewer that is total Bull…

The writers didn’t bother to improve on what they did in the first movie, this movie was more like the leftover parts of the first or deleted scenes that were too whack to be in a movie. Well, someone went and put all the scenes together and called it Ride Along 2.

The acting in the movie was off, for me the main cast struggled to get into character and seemed more like they were faking it.
I didn’t even smile while watching this movie as no scene impacted me enough to even giggle, the movie cruised on the bases that we were familiar with the actors and their style and failed to add anything new.

The plot starts with Ben on a radio watching and listening as James (Ice Cube) and his partner try to infiltrate a drug deal. When things got heated Ben leaves where he was told to stay-put and tries to help, but in the end got James partner shot.

James was then sent to Atlanta to follow-up on the crook that got away when Ben got involved, after some persuasion from his sister James allows Ben to come along, with Ben hoping to use this opportunity to show James that he is ready to be a detective.

In Atlanta the meddling duo turned the city to a sad note, as their presence resulted in harassments, a shootout at a night club and car explosions.

But remember it is a buddy cop movie which usually ends with both parties understanding each other more and getting closer, this movie didn’t miss out on that recipe. Remember how in buddy-cop movies one person takes a bullet for his partner? This movie has that too.

And yes the duo saved the day in the most unrealistic piece of police work there ever could be.

The movie in the end was panned by critics just like the first. But unlike the first where more than 60% of the audience on Rotten Tomatoes liked the movie, here it is less than 60%.

Notwithstanding Kevin Hart has made himself a bankable name as the movie made more than 3 times its $40 million budget in the box office. I wonder how long his name will be bankable if he doesn’t stop starring in crappy movies and start searching for high scale ones.


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