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London Has Fallen (2016)

London Has Fallen (2016)


Gerald Butler
Aaron Eckhart
Morgan Freeman

Directed by Babak Najafi

Get ready for action scenes from way back when, not so good CGI, stock pictures of English monuments and a story not worth the paper it was return on. It is London has fallen ladies and gentlemen the never awaited sequel to Olympus Has Fallen. Do you have spare cash and time to kill, well go to the nearby pharmacy for some sleeping pills and have a goodnight sleep.

In 2013 we were plagued with two films with the same theme, White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen with the later having an upper hand over the former, critically and commercially. You know Hollywood, a movie makes money means there will be a part 2.

For me Olympus Has Fallen bogus attempt at destroying the White House and killing the president was fun to see. But seeing it happen again for a second time where the only difference was destroying London, was a total waste of my time.

Gerard Butler and the whole cast were swallowed in this explosive, action packed movie that the only way I could stay awake watching, was to keep moving on my sit. London Has Fallen has faced tough critical bashing for its lame excuse for entertainment and I hope the bashing and box office returns will not force us to endure another Has Fallen.

In this movie the G8 rained assault on a weapons dealer Aamir Barkawi, but didn’t do a good job at it as they ended up killing his whole family, but he and his sons survived to seek revenge.
Aamir’s plot was well planned, they killed the British Prime Minister, which led to the convergence of the world leaders at his burial.

Barkawi, then used this opportunity to kill the other leaders and made an attempt to capture the American president.
Here is where I had an issue, with all the security detail and security planning which the G8 countries are supposed to have, how did this one guy and his team pull the following explosions: Trafalgar Square, Chelsea Bridge, a ship on River Thames damaging Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey and infiltrate the Queen’s guard at Buckingham Palace.

The writers took the whole thing too far this time. The writers now raged war on the American president detail killing everyone except the hero, Mike Banning (Gerard Butler). He singlehandedly took care of every one of the Barkawi’s crew including his sons.

Like I said, it is better to take sleeping pills and enjoy one’s sleep than see this.


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