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Ice Age: Collision Course (2016)

Ice Age: Collision Course (2016)


Starring the voice of
Ray Romano
John Leguizamo
Denis Leary

Directed by Mike Thurmeier

At a time when Blue Sky Studios had a computer animated Ice Age movie coming out, it was a reason to look forward to going to the cinema to see it, but they have totally milked this franchise dry. There is practically nothing left that can be done to lift this series from the slump it has reached.

This movie is not just boring, there isn’t a comedic voice for miles, nothing in this waste of reel made any sense and I was totally amazed on the amount of sleeping adults in the theatre when this movie was rolling.

If you are like me and liked the first Ice Age movie when Manny and his new found herd of Sid and Diego had to take a human child to his family, you will be totally amazed on how far this movie had grown. The introduction of new characters and the consistency in the saber tooth squirrel’s quest for acorns, is worth applauding. That aside another consistency is how bad the movies are getting after the first, every other Ice Age movie had been worse than the one before it, where this stands as the worst of them all.

I have come to the conclusion that the only Ice Age movie that anyone who has not seen this franchise should see is the first and stop there. In this fifth instalment, Shira who was introduced in the fourth instalment, Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012) barely had little to say or do, unlike in the fourth.

Now the series has a running gag involving Scrat the saber tooth squirrel and the formation of this here planet. In this series aliens are involved and Scrat got on-board their ship and almost destroyed the world, well wiped out a civilization on Mars, all for his precious acorn.

This new instalment starts with the introduction to the family which is Peaches’s fiancé Julian. He is annoying and plans on taking Peaches away from her family. During their Manny and Ellie anniversary celebration, the whole crew witnessed something amazing happening in the skies. They got word from Buck that it was an asteroid heading towards earth to wipe it out.

Buck who has discovered how this asteroid works, decided to find a way of sending the asteroid away, by diverting its direction.

So crew journey to the proposed site of impact of the asteroid to stop it from being attracted to the earth.

I’m not wishing Blue Sky studios a negative run in the box-office, but I do hope returns do not mean a sixth Ice Age movie.


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