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Kong: Skull Island (2017)

Kong: Skull Island (2017)



Tom Hiddleston
Samuel L. Jackson
John Goodman

Directed by John Vogt-Roberts

The MonsterVerse second movie Kong: Skull Island is an action-packed adventure movie that will have you interested in the more to come.
The movie plays on the high of what we have come to know Kong for, a human loving creature who is interested in protecting the people and his territory from the creatures that want to wreck it.
The makers of the movie started with an introduction that made me wonder if they were willing to digress from the known format of this monster, to a brutal one. The producers and writers did nothing of a such, they took the King Kong we know down a path of struggle, we get to see how man in his many ways is a danger to the world we know.

The actors from Tom Hiddleston down to John C. Reilly delivered performances that will make you wish, plans were in place for us to see more of them in the franchise. The fights between the monsters were well-choreographed, making me jump up times when Kong got the upperhand. The CGI depiction of the various monsters is also something to see.

The storyline of the movie moves quickly and if you are not careful you will miss out of the fun the movie has packed for your entertainment.

The movie makes you think, with things going on like climate change it is hard not to connect with the movie, except you are living under a rock or in denial of the damage we humans have on this planet we claim we love. The creature Kong is mother earth’s way of trying to set a balance.
In addition to the above add great acting and a CGI that will blow you out of the river and you have a movie that is worth watching again just to get another thrill.

The franchise started in 2014 with the release of Godzilla. Unlike the Godzilla movie, I think here Kong had more screen time and the movie Kong is set in 1973. The Godzilla movie is set in 2014, but both creatures seem to be able to live long lives and are bound to have crossed paths one time. That one time will be what the mash-up is about, I guess.

The movie is about an expedition gone wrong as a group of scientists with military escort go to an island to find out about its inhabitants and what lives there. They soon discover more than they could imagine and lost many men on the way because of it.

Go see this movie if you have not seen it yet, it is worth it.


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