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Logan (2017)

Logan (2017)



Hugh Jackman
Patrick Stewart
Dafne Keen

Directed James Mangold

The word that best describe the movie Logan is, beautiful.
It is sad to see Hugh Jackman say goodbye to a character he has been playing for seventeen years and has registered in our minds.
Actors must break free from the curse of playing the same role for far too long and Jackman’s decision is understandable, a decision he reached with the indirect help of Jerry Seinfeld.

One thing that made this movie for me is the R-rating. It was fun to see the blood splatter everywhere and words being thrown around carelessly with no form of restraint to the ability and capacity of wolverine and his various representations is X-23 and X-24.

The movie is so much of a dramatic ending as it is a fine introduction. We get to see a future where being a mutant was odd and almost every mutant alive has been wiped out and no new one had been born for twenty-five years. The writing of the movie was taken from the story arc, Old Man Logan which was written by Mark Millar and Steven McNiven about the post-apocalyptic mutant future life of Wolverine.
In the comic and movie, we get to see a Logan who was old and has past his prime. In the movie, you see him getting grey, slow and dying.

The director James Mangold pulled enough sentiment into and out of this movie, without boring you with all the talks of what is happening in the present time the characters where in. A silent X-23 was well portrayed by Dafne Keen that I will not be surprised if we get to see her take up a future role as the new Wolverine as the character did in the comics.

Also from the old X-men movies we have Patrick Stewart playing an old retried Prof. X with Alzheimer’s Disease. Charles Xavier with Alzheimer’s has seizures which sends his powers on overdrive and can kill those nearby.
The movie plot has our lead Logan taking care of Xavier by being a limo driver, they hide out with Caliban and survive on what he makes.
Things were not alright with the world in this 2029 future, as experiments were being done to breed children with the DNA samples of previous mutants and Logan himself. These children were bred to be mutants that can be controlled.

Things did not go well in the facility as some of the children escaped and one X-23, found her way into the path of Logan.

She and her caregiver were willing to pay Logan a lot of money to get them to North Dakota a place the caregiver calls Eden.

Logan is a movie one should not miss especially if you a huge fan of the X-men franchise.


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