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Bon Cop Bad Cop (2006)

Bon Cop Bad Cop (2006)


Patrick Huard
Colm Feore

Directed by Eric Canuel

When a movie starts with two cops arguing over whose case it will be when a body is hanging on a sign post with one half in Quebec and the other in Ontario, I knew I was up for some fun movie.
The fun got a lot better when the two tried to investigate on their side of the body and ended up ripping the corpse in half. Now, this is not a spoiler because more happens in the movie from the weird captain and the funny combination of both actors that will make you wish, you were there in person when some of the things were happening.

This Canadian dark comedy film has a mixture of French and English dialogue so if you are like me comfortable with the English, you will need a subtitle to enjoy is movie. This multi lingual movie has everything you will expect from a buddy cop movie, but with their own little twist.

The film is about two cops David Bouchard (Patrick Huard) and Martin Ward (Colm Feore) as they try to solve a murder of a body found on the border of Quebec and Ontario.

The jurisdiction of the crime forces the two to walk together on solving the case, which is about a deranged serial-killer that is killing managers of hockey over some personal issues with the way the managers are selling his favorite players.

When the movie ends you are left gasping at the odd paring, both men in the movie are fathers and we get to see all the antics you will expect from a cool dad and from a not so cool dad.
The movie moves along in a weird form, the clumsy attitude of David Bouchard gets things blown up and the good cop persona of Martin Ward turns the blown-up events into jokes when reacts.

The director’s decision to give us an idea of what it will be like when these two misfits gets high on weed was welcomed as we get to see them get along for the first time.

The film was also nominated for four Canadian Comedy Awards in 2007 and winning in three, which were Best Direction, Best Writing and Best Actor for Colm Feore. It also won the Genie Awards in 2007 (now called Canadian Screen Awards, which is like Canadian Golden Globe) in Best motion picture and Overall sound.

This movie was well done and it got a sequel done eleven years after the release of this movie.


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