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Commando (1985)

Commando (1985)


Arnold Schwarzenegger
Rae Dawn Chong

Directed by Mark L. Lester

I miss the good old action films, Commando had a twelve minutes intro and then the action starts, this is similar to Rambo which was also done in the 80s after a brief intro the unexpected starts to happen. This style of deliver was the kind we were used to and the kind we loved when we were kids.
The action was fast, the men were impossible to kill and the musical score is more like neo meets jungle with a mix of rock.

Commando is that one action film that stood out through the years and stamped Arnold Schwarzenegger in the hearts of many as an action hero.

The movie had many things going for it from stunts and happenings that is near impossible not to admire the scripting and the one liners.

We have scenes of Arnold pushing a car down a hill to drive it using the force of gravity since the battery was missing, to his co-star using a rocket launcher in the middle of the street and so much more.
There is no way you will not see this movie and admit that it’s classic status.
It is interesting and captivating for an action film the name Colonel John Matrix (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is one I remember for his unstoppable persona and his magnificent feats.

The plot to which Matrix is twisted in is simple and straight forward, but the scenes and the leadings towards the expected end of any action film is worth commending.

It was here I first heard Arnold use the line, "I'll be back..." but in this movie it was, "I'll be back Bennett."

The movie cemented the one-man army guilt trip many action films deliver to make us excited and there are many near death scenes and the killings in this movie and muscle man tactics of Arnold’s character is one you will never get tired of seeing.

The movie plot like is said is simple, Retired Delta Force operator Colonel John Matrix is informed that all the other members of his former unit have been killed.

The government then deploys men to his house to protect him as they suspect he will be next.
Not long before the government leaves Matrix’s home is attacked and his daughter kidnapped.

The men captured him too and he is given a mission to kill the president of Val Verde, a man Matrix helped put in power.
He is told to get the job done or his daughter will be killed.

Matrix knowing fully well that even though he performs the task he and his daughter will be killed, escapes from the plane heading to Val Verde and starts haunting the men who kidnapped his daughter.

Go watch Commando again just for the thrill of it.


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