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CHiPs (2017)

CHiPs (2017)


Dax Shephard
Michael Pena

Directed by Dax Shephard

The Box office bomb CHiPs is a movie thought will not be that bad, as I was expecting too much from a Dax Shephard written, directed and starring film. The movie has nothing good to right about and the events in the movie from the ridiculous back story of the characters to the over nagging desire of the movie to be more stupid than it already was, is sad to watch.

There was no much need for the movie to try and be dumber than what it has already packaged for the viewer to see, which is a useless bonding between two cops.
Buddy Cop movies are supposed to be the thrill of two officers who are seeing things from different angles (Lethal Weapon and Rush Hour are the best example of that), but when you put together two of the most foolish cops in a buddy cop movie, don’t be surprised it will bomb.

Based on a 1977 series of the same name, the movie plot kicks off with introductions to the two men who will be partnered together.
We have Jon Baker (Dax Shephard), who was a former motor bike champion with numerous trophies and accidents with have resulted in huge amount of surgeries to keep him standing. Jon is a complete naïve moron.
He decided to join the Cops because he ex-wife’s father used to be a cop and he hopes she will find him attractive because he is in a uniform.
All this does not play out well for him, when he is unable to do well in the pre-exam as the only thing he can do is ride a bike. He was assimilated into the CHP on probation.

On the other side of the rail we have an FBI agent (Michael Pena) who is undercover in the CHP to find out who in the CHP is committing robberies and is responsible for the death of a Helicopter co-pilot. His undercover name is Frank Poncherello.

You will expect Frank to be all soldier up and Jon to be the buffoon, but Frank is a sex addict and will hit on anything that walks. Add to that he is over the top annoying and not in a good way, in the stupid way.

Both are paired together with Frank working the case and Jon trying to do well so he can scale over the probation.

The movie should have been left in the works and not even bothered to have been made, as the scripting needs more work and the casting was a big problem.
Everyone seems to be in a role not suitable for them no matter how much they tried to make it work, the lines in the movie and Frank’s personality were way too much for any movie.

I think the movie would have done well, if the Frank character was a known actor and his movie persona was changed to a more boy scout cop, like the other buddy cop movies do.


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