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Power Rangers (2017)

Power Rangers (2017)


The Rangers and Elizabeth Banks

Directed by Dean Israelite

I have mixed feelings about this movie, this proposed reboot of this adventure sci-fi team was anything, but nostalgia of the good old days.
Having to bear through a very bad musical score, very crappy lines and a script that looks like it was written for a forty minutes TV-series. This over two hours long movie will make you doze off in the beginning only to wake up towards the ending knowing you have not missed a thing.

If you get to own this movie in the future, watch the first thirty minutes and skip to the end when the fighting starts because everything in the middle is not worth your time and effort.

The movie starts with the bad lady Rita (Elizabeth Banks) destroying a team of Power Rangers led by Zordon. Now Zordon takes the Power Ranger crystals and bury them for the next team of Power Rangers to come find them, while Rita was stopped from destroying life.

In our present time, we are introduced to the five new Power Ranger team.
Jason (Red Ranger): a full-time trouble maker, whose antics with his friends have gotten him arrested and now on house arrest.
Kimberly (Pink Ranger): a popular girl who caused a lot of trouble in her popular girl group and was kicked out.
Billy (Blue Ranger): the geeky guy, who has no friends and struggles to understand people and their emotions.
Zack (Black Ranger): son of a single very sick mother, Zack behaves strong and is a rebel, but inside he fears being alone without his mother by his side.
Trini (Yellow Ranger): a lesbian who struggles being herself at home and revealing herself to others for the fear of being treated differently.

These five were brought together by Billy’s weird obsession to go looking for stuff in all the wrong places, there he and the others found five crystals which changed their lives. They became stronger, faster and more agile.
Soon their exploring of the mine led them to Alpha 5 and Zordon, who had survived trapped between worlds.
Zordon and Alpha 5 begin the training of the Rangers to be strong and ready to face Rita. The set back to this is, for them to get to that milestone of morphing and advancing they need to be connected to one another. Each one holds a secret which they are afraid to share with each other making it hard for them to bond.

When it comes to acting, even Elizabeth Banks disappointed me. The whole movie was like a combination of B-list actors who just left acting school and were trying out their first gig.

The movie mid-credits scene had the introduction of Tommy Oliver as the studio is hopeful that this movie will lead to a sequel and I doubt that.


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