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Total Recall (1990)

Total Recall (1990)


Arnold Schwarzenegger
Sharon Stone
Rachel Ticotin

Directed by Paul Verhoeven

Total Recall is a 1990 classic sci-fi action movie that deserves to be appreciated in the way it was meant to be made. What I mean by this is that, the original Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone was far better than the remake Colin Farrell Kate Beckinsale which decided to remove the whole idea of Mars.
This was the movie then, with its great box office performance and awesome acting by Arnold, you are set for a ride that takes you back and forth on which side Arnold is on.

Not to be a review filled with spoilers let us get to why Total Recall (a movie based on a short story by Philip K. Dick) is one of the best movies about the future and did not deserve the rubbish 2012 remake that it had.
The movie focuses on one man whose name is Dennis Quaid or Hauser (Arnold Schwarzenegger) which ever you decide to call him. Quaid is married to a beautiful wife and they have been together for eight years, everything about his life, job and friends is just right, except the constant nightmares.

Quaid heard of a company who can implant a memory in your head to make it seem you went on a vacation to anywhere you want and with anyone you want. The catch is, the memory will be so well implanted that when the visit to the company was over on that same day, you will believe you have had the experience. For example, Quaid wanted two weeks on Mars with a certain athletic build brunet, he will leave the facility with a two weeks memory of his time on Mars.

Everything went wrong at the Recall facility before the memory implant started, Quaid suddenly woke up from the sedative as another person who has been to Mars already.
This freaked the facility out and they wiped his memory of the whole incident of him ever coming to them. His new memories triggered a chain reaction, as his friends and family turned on him and he found himself on the run, knowing only one thing he is either Quaid the contractor or Hauser the spy.

Total Recall was at the time of its releases said to be one of the most expensive film ever, much of this can be seen in the magnificent set design, the over the top visual and physical effects that were being used.

Everything about the movie which is set in 2084, is highly futuristic and to be honest it will win you over and pass as the typical or possible future. It even had self-driving cars.
The acting of Arnold and the whole team involved is amazing beyond words and the musical score in addition to the cinematography will leave you in awe.

This is a movie that you will fully enjoy seeing on the big screen, sadly you will have to travel back in time to get that effect.


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