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The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)


Geena Davis
Samuel L. Jackson

Directed by Renny Harlin

The Long Kiss Goodnight is a total waste of energy, enthusiasm and script. The movie lacked the needed punch and plot to make it matter. When I saw the movie at a younger age I was not bothered about plot, subplots and screenplay. Things like direction and performance did not matter and all that did matter was the number of explosions and gunshots the movie had to offer.
I’m glad that such a time is behind me.

When you consider the amount of talent and money that went into making this movie all you will come to agree that it was just a colossal waste. Geena Davis was not at her best in the movie and her badass spy lady look was just an appalling sight.

The Long Kiss Goodnight is about a woman who woke up and found herself pregnant with no recollection of who she was, how she got to where she was and how come she was pregnant.
She started a life where she was as a teacher and entered into a relationship where she had a home and was raising her daughter.

She paid many P.I.s to help her find her real self, but after the years she started to lose interest until one P.I. found something about her past.
This led to them following the trail and soon she uncovered that she used to be a spy and assassin for the United States Government.
The reason she lost her memory and how she became pregnant is what the entire movie is about and what (if you have not seen this movie previously when younger) you have to endure as a movie plot and twist.

The whole amnesia spliced with the remembering who she was had a drawback effect. Unlike movies/books like Borne Identity where the character was going through life piece by piece putting things together to make sense of where they are now and how they got there, this movie hits you once with it.

The whole splicing was more irritating than it was entertaining, going in and out of character switching between Mum and Badass Spy at odd times made the whole thing unreal and had to digest. It would have been much better if she was just smart, knew what to do and the things she did came to her more like a habit than it did like she was having a mental breakdown.
The Long Kiss Goodnight was neither a commercial (in the box office) or a critical success, but over time the movie has had a lot of lip service especially in the 1990s. Talks were around of a possible sequel, but it just never left the ground.


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