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The Last Boy Scout (1991)

The Last Boy Scout (1991)


Bruce Willis
Damon Wayans

Directed by Tony Scott

The Last Boy Scout, what a fun movie and one you will enjoy seeing.
It had the typical cliché we see in buddy movies and that is understandable as the screenplay was by Shane Black who also wrote the Lethal Weapon Series. It was produced by Joel Silver who also worked with Shane Black in the Lethal Weapon Series and with Bruce Willis in the first two Die Hard Films.

The movie had its own style of putting things and although the chemistry of Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans were not perfect, this explosive and violent thriller will make you sit tight as you watch things unfold. The late Tony Scott (the director) didn’t put in the comedy mix I would have expected, but he made up for that with a thrilling ride of surprises which I did not expect.

The movie plot starts with an odd beginning during a halftime American football game. A running back gets a call asking him to do his best to win at all cost. The man goes ahead to ingests some pills, gets back into the game gets the ball and while running to the touch line, pulls out a gun and shoots men of the opposing team.
Here is the weird thing, this whole thing really had nothing much to do with the film, but to introduce the owner of the team the running back played for.

Our main star Bruce Willis plays a former Secret Service and now Private Investigator named Joseph. Joseph was hired by a stripper to protect her as she suspected that her life was in danger.
She was right, her boyfriend Jimmy (Damon Wayans) who was banned from the NFL for gambling and drug use, felt he was capable enough to protect her, luring her away from Joseph and this led to her death.

Now Joseph decides he will see this through to the end to discover who killed his client and his best friend. His best friend was the one who gave him the job although he didn’t inform Joseph of the problem he was in by getting involved. Joseph discovers his best friend’s plan to get him killed, but the plan backfired, and Joseph’s best friend got killed instead.

This movie didn’t do well at the box office at all, not even making back the money spent on it. I enjoyed the movie and I believe you will too if you take the time to go see it.


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