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Bleeding Steel (2017)

Bleeding Steel (2017)


Jackie Chan
Show Lo
Ouyang Nana

Directed by Leo Zhang

If you can bear all the silly sentiments, the mediocre plot and an ending that could have been done much better Bleeding Steel is a fun action film.
It deals with numerous elements of Sci-fi as we have unstoppable humans, which makes you beg the question at one time – why didn’t Jackie Chan just shoot the man in the head?
Could have saved us all the pain, instead of leaving behind a disgruntled villain.

Jackie Chan is the protagonist in this Sci-fi action thriller – do note, this movie is a sci-fi action thriller not the typical action comedy that Jackie Chan is known for.

As we dive into what this movie story is about, I want you to know that plot of this movie is very unclear from the get go until very much close to the ending.
Not to worry, the writer/director Leo Zhang’s idea of adding suspense to the story is annoying and most times just plain needless. The movie graces evenly on a father trying to save his daughter theme that you could care less about why they were separated in the first place and why are these other people trying to catch her.

In the movie, there was a doctor who did some experiment on a man and made him stronger. The problem was, the man wanted more he wanted the ability to heal and was ready to do anything to get it. Jackie Chan’s character is leading the team trying to extract and protect the doctor from the villain who wants his experiments to enhance his healing ability.
Things get bloody and numerous people died trying to stop this villain and they succeeded.

Fast forward like a decade, we see a man who wrote a sci-fi book, but his ideas are not his and this led the villain’s goon to his door as they try to find out where he got his stories from.
Jackie Chan and his fellow officers are also after the writer, but they and the goons were late as his files were stolen as he was drugged.
Focus changes to a girl in the university a girl Jackie and his entire force are trying to protect, and the villain and his squad are trying to find and capture.

You can tell while viewing that they weren’t miserly in this production and Jackie as usual pulled off some cool stunts and provided cool action sequences that will gratify you. Now there are some bad dialogues, curse words and killings in this movie (some by Jackie himself), so heads up.


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