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How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World (2019)

How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World (2019)


Starring the voices of
Jay Baruchel
America Ferrera
Cate Blanchett
Craig Ferguson

Directed by Dean DeBlois

How To Train Your Dragon three is the final installment in the How To Train Your Dragon movie franchise. This animation follows the tale of Hiccup and his Night Fury as they try to save all the dragons they can find and have them live peacefully.

This Dreamworks animation is loosely based on a book series of the same name and it just blows my mind away in the way the story and animation gels into another memorable journey. All the animation in this here franchise have been great and each delivers a tale that is just worth seeing by both the young and adult.

Here we get to see Hiccup still living on the weird side of life with his mother by his side now and trying to master up his team without the aid of the dragons. With Toothless (the Night Fury) now an alfa it is a lot easier to control the dragons, but Hiccup and his crew are finding it hard to master any mission on their own.

The animation focused mostly on Hiccup this time as the new chief after the death of his father in How To Train Your Dragon 2 (2014) is trying to find the best way to handle the current situation. The situation which he is in now is that, his raids have been successful and he has saved many dragons. The bad part to this good news is that now Berk where he and the other vikings live is filled to the brim with dragons and it is becoming a chaos.

He needs to find them a new home, a place where they will be safe from humans and big enough for them to be free.

On the other side of the counter are the people who are loosing their dragons to Hiccup. They called in for some help a man named Grimmel. Grimmel has made it his life chant to kill every Night Fury there is and upon learning that Hiccup had one, he jumped on the wagon to help these sailors by capturing and killing Toothless. He used the aid of a White Fury (a female fury) which these men had with the hope of it luring Toothless away and leaving Hiccup vulnerable.

The plan was not a complete success, but he succeeded in making it difficult for Toothless to continue in his loyalty to Hiccup. He now has a love interest which he cares for and will love to have by his side.

The animation is cool and every movie in this trilogy delivers in the highs. How To Train Your Dragon delivers each movie with flying colors. All movies are critically and financially successful. You will not regret seeing the last movie in this series.


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