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Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

Mary Poppins Returns (2018)


Emily Blunt
Lin-Manuel Miranda
Ben Whishaw
Emily Mortimer
Julie Walters
Dick Van Dyke

Directed by Rob Marshall

After decades in development hell Disney has finally given us a Mary Poppins sequel.
Since its release in 1964 Walt Disney attempted to produce a sequel, but had problems with the writer P. L. Travers, but 55 years later these issues have been ironed out and we the audience are just grateful.

Like the previous film, the musical numbers are catchy and are easy to get lost in when listening.

This musical fantasy film is amazing and I enjoyed the ride and wished so much that I got a chance to see much of the cast from the previous 1964 film which are still alive do a cameo (Dick Van Dyke, did a cameo). The movie was so good that it received numerous praise and accolades which resulted in numerous nominations in the OSCARS, BAFTA, Golden Globe, Critics Choice Awards and others. Sadly, losing out in many.
Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins was just a delight. I went to see this movie believing that the role that Julie Andrews played cannot be matched, but Emily did match Andrews performance in her own way. She took the character and reshaped it to fit her personality.

The movie plot now focuses on the much older Jane and Michael Banks.
Michael is now the resident owner of the Banks home in the first film and he is in some financial trouble. He has taken a loan from the bank which his father worked in the first film and now the bank wants to close in on the loan and take the house.

Michael lives in the house with his three children, and Jane is staying back to help Michael find some important documents which can save their childhood home.

In their search they found the kite which was more of the theme in the ending of the first film and Michael tossed it out. George his last born son, was playing with it when the wind drags him and behind them was Jack (Lin-Manuel Miranda) who could tell what this wind was all about. Mary Poppins was the person behind the windy day and her arrival was welcomed by Jack. She talks to the children who are surprised that she knows their name and takes them home.

Michael and Jane recognize Mary Poppins immediately and she tells them, she is going to be the new nanny (we are left to discover who she has come to take care of). Now we are sent on a magical ride while we are also trying to find a way to save the Banks home.

The writers did something amazing, they pulled glimpses of the past with words for the older generation and used the magic of the Mary Poppins character to win over new fans and produce a fun magical ride for the family.
The movie didn't rely heavily on the nostalgia of the old movie, for this I give the director and Disney as much thumbs up that I can spare to keep writing this review.

Lastly, Lin-Manuel Miranda (Jack) vs Dick Van Dyke (Bert). For me both portray two different characters, so exploring their role as Mary Poppins co-anchor in this ride, I will say other than Miranda nailing the accent, I so much prefer Dick Van Dyke’s goofiness.

So here is a sequel that is very much well done and fun to see. You can have it lined up for a watch after seeing the first Mary Poppins (1964) movie.


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