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Pokemon Detective Pikachu (2019)

Pokemon Detective Pikachu (2019)


Ryan Reynolds
Justice Smith
Kathryn Newton
Bill Nighy

Directed by Rob Letterman

The movie is not bad – childish yes, but it will grow on you.
Detective Pikachu starts small, developing gently as it reveals more into the case to which we are trying to solve. Well, the case to which Tim and Pikachu are trying to solve, what happened to Tim’s father Harry.

The whole Ryan Reynolds voice casting is not as bad as I thought it will be. In fact, it was well done as he also was responsible for the facial expression. And in the end the movie had a surprise that you will not see coming.
One thing I enjoyed most in the movie was the way they made the movie’s last thirty minutes, things moved very fast and were thrilling. You will think Pikachu was one way, then it switches to another and then it ends another way. That twist you will not see coming and was well done.

This being the first live action adaptation of the Pokemon franchise I can say, it is a nice introduction. The CGI was masterful, but I believe for subsequent movies, a better director will bring it to life much better.

The movie plot introduces Tim, who does not have a Pokemon partner like the rest. We learn the resentment he has for this new found way of living was because of his father’s dedication to such a life and work.
He is told of his father’s death (Harry his father was a detective) and when he goes to get his father’s things, he runs into Pikachu, his father’s Pokemon. He could hear Pikachu talk and that spooked him a lot. As humans are unable to understand Pokemon speech.

But Pikachu assures him that his father is not dead and they have to rescue him. The problem is, Pikachu is struggling to remember things as he has amnesia.

Tim gets on the lets save Harry wagon and he and Pikachu (who says he is a detective) starts to investigate. This led them to the man who started all the whole living together with Pokemon lifestyle and his son who is according to the father the man behind everything going wrong,

Although I enjoyed the movie, one thing I could not get over though was the overacting character written into Tim Goodman. This was prominent in two places, when he was asking everyone if they could hear Pikachu talk and when shown a hologram projection of his father’s car crash.
I do not know if I’m to blame his actor, Justice Smith for this or the writers. But the director should have done better with his character, for there were time when his presence was just annoying.

If you are a fan of the Pokemon franchise here is one thing for you to enjoy, if you just want to see a good movie, you can jump on the train too.


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