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Cold Pursuit (2019)

Cold Pursuit (2019)


Liam Neeson
Tom Bateman
Tom Jackson
Emmy Rossum

Directed by Hans Petter Moland

The end justify the means they always say and so it is with movies. The end, the conclusion, the final curtain is a summary or full-stop to all the mayhem or happenings that we have enjoyed or endured while watching the movie. The ending of this movie was bland, I felt the movie needed a stronger ending because that will have made the whole chaos we saw matter.
The movie is a five and cannot be more because the whole tale was set in a way that you may not be able to predict what will happen next, but you could careless.

The movie did not in anyway try to impress and it played to the tune of the character that Liam Neeson is known for. One way or another Neeson has been typecast-ed as either a parent with some combat knowledge going after people who cross/hurt his child [Taken (2008)]. Or a man who is up against an impossible foe. Here in this movie, he was both.

Based on a 2014 Norwegian film named In Order of Disappearance and it was directed by the same director here. This movie plot is about a man whose son was killed while he was getting an award for citizen of the year. His life started to spin out of control and was attempting to end it when he found out that his son was a victim of a drug cartel.

Finding out the name of the person involved, he started to hunt the men responsible down. The drug cartel unaware of this enemy thinks the culprit is an Indian drug lord. After three of the cartel’s men are killed by the father avenging his son’s death, the cartel goes after the drug lord and kills his son. The drug lord then plans revenge against the cartel leader (Viking) and his family. All this while this father (Neeson) is also planning how to take down the Viking and his family.

Cold Pursuit is what you get when you take different fruits and put them in a blender – the smoothie mix will have its own unique taste an end that you may not have guessed. This movie applies this analogy in two different ways.

The first is in the plot. The plot is about the lives and family of three different people, add the town they are living in and you will get a fourth party that had little or nothing to do with the problem that has enveloped these three families.

The second implementation of this analogy is the genres. This movie is a mix of comedy (black), thriller, drama and sometimes action.

I for one went through this movie because I was curious to see Neeson in a new role, for I had no knowledge of what this movie was about. In the end I was somewhat disappointed and sad that I was not entertained in any way by all that was happening on screen.


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