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Happy Death Day (2017)

Happy Death Day (2017)


Jessica Rothe
Israel Broussard

Directed by Christopher Landon

Happy Death Day is a Groundhog day kind of movie and its focus here is on a girl who is just as ass and deserves every bad thing that comes to her. I like the way the movie did not make the whole time loop stop the moment she decided to be good. It only ended when she figured out who is behind her deaths and she stops the person.

The movie has a long drag before you get to the point when she finally starts to use her head to solve the problem at hand. That long drag could have had me nodding off if I was not dead curious to see who was behind the whole menace.

The movie gives a sense of a cheap thrill, so you just have to bear with that when you are watching. You could get from the acting of some of the characters and the setting that this was not a huge financial investment from the major studios.

The plot starts with our lead Threresa (or Tree) waking up in the dorm room of her classmate with what we presume was a night of drunken sex. The young man seems like a nice guy, goofy looking gentleman named Carter. He helps her out, but she dashes out of his room and considers the night a big mistake that should never have happened.
On her way to her dorm room and that whole day we get to see the kind of person she really is.

When she gets to her room, her roommate makes her a cupcake and instead of receiving it with gladness she collects it and tosses it into the trash. We also get to know she is having an affair with a married lecturer for good grades. This day in question we are witnessing is her birthday.

Her fellow sorority girls organized a party for her. On her way to the party, she is lured to a tunnel and gets murdered only to wake up in Charlie’s dorm room.
She thinks the whole incident before was a dream or some sort, and goes through the day again doing kind of the same thing and gets murdered again.

Waking up this time in Charlie’s room made her understand something was up and she felt this was some kind of déjà vu. Her death again and subsequent ones made her realize she has to do something. She soon learns every death takes a toll on her health.

The movie birthed a sequel as this movie was a huge financial breakthrough. The sequel Happy Death Day 2U also follows the life of Tree.
This movie is average and you will enjoy it if time loop is your thing and you can bear seeing a girl waste time half way through a movie, before the movie gets good.


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