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Happy Death Day 2U (2019)

Happy Death Day 2U (2019)


Jessica Rothe
Israel Broussard
Suraj Sharma
Steve Zissis

Directed by Christopher Landon

Get ready for some loose threads and some panic about multiverse/time loop mumbo jumbo that will make you think you are set for a thriller. Like in the first ten minutes into the movie they psych us out about the whole universe collapsing. They pull a thread of two entities that are not supposed to exist in the same universe and something horrible is going to happen, then whoosh we are in another universe.

That’s how the movie started, we are in another universe where things are different and Tree’s mum is still alive. Tree from the universe in the first movie is propelled into another universe where her mum is alive and people whom she knows are different.
Problem here in this movie is, instead of the writers to find another way to play this we get to go through Tree’s life again, which is a bore.

In this version of this Happy Death Day, the plot has Tree making it to the next day. Everything would have been cool, but Ryan Carter’s friend in his panic to save himself caused her to relieve the day. Not the day after her time loop, but the day she desperately wanted to get away from, her birthday. Which if we recall was same day in the first movie when the time loop occurred for her.

The movie kind of expanded on some of the characters from the previous movie while keeping the leads in the first movie at some focus.

We also get to see the scientific jargons behind the time loop, and I can tell you the jargons is just as stupid as they get. So the makers of the first movie felt the time loop that was present in the first movie was not enough so they added multiverse. Yes, get ready for an onslaught of multiverse theories, and in order of our Tree to get things going the way she wants she has to keep killing herself.
Tree comes up with new amazing ways to kill herself, and all of that was just a bore. The whole emotional way the movie just piles up Tree and her family reunion was just overplayed.

That aside, the plot of the movie was not as engaging as the first movie because we already now have an idea of how things will play out. It was not fun to find out the loop was because of an experiment that went awfully wrong.
Just see the first movie only and save yourself the pain of seeing this addition to the tale.

Financially this movie was not as good a take back for the studio like the first movie and I’m glad because we are going to be saved from seeing a third part.


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