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Long Shot (2019)

Long Shot (2019)


Charlize Theron
Seth Rogen

Directed by Jonathan Levine

Long Shot is a very lovely movie. And Lovely, is the best adjective that describes this movie. The last time a movie made me feel like this I was watching, The Intern which was written and directed by Nancy Meyers, and starred Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway.
The movie is soft, simple and just glides through the scenes with grace.

We have an odd couple pairing in Seth Rogan and Charlize Theron’s characters. But the way the movie is written on how both handled their differences is what made this movie just so comfortable to watch. Both of them are magically together on screen and it made the whole experience especially with the way Theron handled her role as Secretary of State so magnificent and very inviting.

This romantic comedy starts with the introduction to Fred (Seth Rogan), who is a journalist and his main job is covering the weird and overlooked part of the world. Doing so has not made him much money or fame, but has made him comfortable with his life and heart. Problem with him is that, Fred has now developed a judgmental view of the world, not willing to compromise for anything. It is because of this view that he resigned from his job when it was bought over by a large conglomerate.
Charlotte (Charlize Theron) is the current secretary of state. She just got informed by the sitting president that he will not be running for re-election. He wants to endorse her as the candidate for the job, and he needs her to play nice until then.
Charlotte unlike Fred has had to deal with compromise and lying because of her job in politics and this presidency is the next best thing for her.

What brought the two together is something that was in their past. Charlotte used to babysit Fred when he was younger and Fred has always had a crush on her.
When Fred resigned his friend decided to take him to a fundraiser he was going to just to take his mind off his present problem. It was at the fundraiser that Charlotte saw Fred and recognized him. They started talking again and she realized how easy it was to talk to him and after reading some of his articles hired him to come work for her as her speech writer.

This was how the two traveled the world, working on her save the planet deal which she is trying to get 100 countries to join in. How the two later became lovers and how they dealt with all the things that come with being in the limelight is what you get to enjoy when you see this movie.

The movie got critical acclaim even though it was not a financial success. More people need to see this movie because as far as romantic comedy goes, this is top notch.


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