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The Mitchell's vs The Machines (2021)

The Mitchell's vs The Machines (2021)




Danny McBride

Abbi Jacobson

Maya Rudolph

Eric Andre

Olivia Colman


Directed by Mike Rianda


The animation does it best to throw you off with its quirkiness, keeping itself edgy and leaving a mark of the danger of the over reliance on technology. Starts off with a family on the run then drops us to a family about to self-destruct. The fun in this animation is for the whole family and the movie takes its time to build up to the world destruction and when it does the movie takes you on a fast-paced ride as this quirky family are tasked with saving the world.

The animation will strike you as one of those you can guess how things will turn out, there is practically nothing new under the sun, but I like the way it leaves some things just up in the air. Like are their neighbors truly a happy family on Instagram? I thought we will see that bubble burst.

Anyways the Mitchells are your average family with your average problems. The father Rick, is weird and loves to fix things with his hands and knows nothing about technology. The mother Linda, is more into both and has developed a liking of technology and doing things with her hands. Their daughter the first-born Katie is a lover of all things tech and wants to be a movie producer one day. Her love for movie production. She has her own channel on YouTube where she uploads her short movies, which based on viewership are quite good. Their son Aaron is a lover of dinosaurs and he knows everything there is to know about them.

Katie and Rick used to be inseparable, but the teenage years have come and the two are always fighting. Add to that Katie is all set to go to film school and Rick was not ready to let her go. With a push from Linda, he decided to give his relationship with his daughter one more push and try to fix it. He cancelled her plane trip to her college and up for them to go on a road trip to the school to drop Katie off.

While on their road trip, the world was over turned by robots and it was not long before the carnage happening to the world caught up with them on their road trip. The Mitchell’s constant bickering and irregular behavior made it hard to keep up with them, and before long the world was in their hands to save.

You can catch this animation on Netflix and it is a fun watch for you and the family.


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