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Sabotage (2014)

Sabotage (2014)





Arnold Schwarzenegger

Sam Worthington

Olivia Williams

Terrence Howard

Joe Manganiello


Directed by David Ayer


Well what a waste of time is this movie which even failed at the box-office.

You need a character to play a stiff role, then Arnold Schwarzenegger is your man. Even though this movie had the whole 90s feel style of action movie, it was toned down a lot from what you'd expect from a 90s type action film. The story can best be described as shabby, wasting more than a third of its runtime telling me about everyone and everything in the most boring way it can before kicking off the main plot.

The movie has a very convoluted beginning, but then falls into a rhythm where you can put together who is who and what it is you are supposed to be focused on. This does not mean the movie still did not play hide and seek with itself, tripping over its very own idea of suspense. With a pacing problem and some very horrible set of characters this movie can be hard to watch. Even though the cast roaster looks like you should be getting the best, every character was annoying and you find yourself wishing they all get killed. One thing I can tell you to watch out for before seeing this movie is that, the testosterone level is high to the point of silliness.

The plot introduces us to John (Schwarzenegger) who leads a team of DEA special operations. From the get go of the bust they did, you get the feel that this team is not all there. Every member seems to have a screw loose somewhere. The drug bust was a success and the team stole $10 million. They hid the money and blew up the whole building hoping to get rid of the evidence, but things did not go as planed all together. First the money they hid away was stolen, second because of the way things went down, they are being suspected for theft and were all suspended while the investigation ran to the ground with nothing to show. When the team was reinstated back to their roles, things did not get any better. They started to drop dead one by one. The remainder started to suspect that the drug dealers they took down were behind the hit. But as the investigations continued, we discover there is more going on and a lot of framing is being done. The whole plot reminds me of the Agatha Christie novel And Then There Were None.

In the end, this is one of those movies that if you never see you are not missing a thing.


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