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Wrath of Man (2021)

Wrath of Man (2021)




Jason Statham

Holt McCallany

Jeffrey Donovan

Josh Hartnett


Directed by Guy Ritchie


To get things out of the way, this movie is based on 2004 French movie Le Convoyeur. Do note there are some changes here and there. Now that, that is out of the way in summary this movie is absolutely one of the worst things you can see. It is long for no reason and upon a very thin plot this movie tries to make everything possible happen. The plot is all over the place with things happening every time and in almost every scene. I had to double check to be sure this is a Guy Ritchie film and not a rip-off. Ritchie wrote, directed and produced this film in a way that makes you wonder if he has forgotten how to make movies.

There is no depth and the movie seems to take so much pride in the suspense and the stupid development of a character named Hill (Jason Statham) whose only good side is that he does not talk much. Because when he does drop some of his lines, you just wish you can reach into the screen and slap him.

The plot introduces us to Hill who just got a new job at an armored truck company. The movie shows us how dangerous their job is with the first scene focusing on an armed robbery of an armored truck.

I give the movie one thing – It made a quick intro and went straight to the action. It is not likely you will like Hill, because his whole overconfident, silent macho man persona was more irritating than captivating.

On one of Hill’s run, the armored truck was hit and with Bullets flying everywhere, Hill killed all the bad guys. He is the fastest gun in the west never missing, although the bullets miss him. Here is what is supposed to be a good movie, giving me a failed B-movie setting. This guy walks after a running man and catches up with him, then kills him. You must know tough bad guys, never break a sweat.

Well, we soon discover that Hill is actually a bad guy in his own rights, actually working with the company for his own personal agenda.

Tragedy struck when a team of armed robbers hit an armored truck, while he was with his son. Hill went to buy something and his son witnessed the whole robbery and got killed.

Things have now changed; Hill is now on the revenge case.

What I did not get was the whole vexing because a newcomer joined. This happened in the beginning when Hill got the job. Then we get this stupid line "we ain't the predators.. we the prey" which is supposed to be a justification for the meaningless vexing that his teammates had on him on his first day.

I have to say make better use of your time. This movie is not worth it.


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