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Memory (2022)

Memory (2022)




Liam Neeson

Guy Pearce

Monica Bellucci


Directed by Martin Campbell


This movie is a failed job. It should have been darker, more serious and surrounded with actors who could match Liam Neeson, because the movie felt like he was acting alongside people with better things to do.

The movie is a remake of a Belgian movie called The Alzheimer Case, which was based on a book De Zaak Alzheimer by Jef Geeraerts. When the hitman has dementia and Alzheimer you are left to wonder how things are going to play out in this matter. The movie is weird, there are some killings they don’t show and then they show some. I don’t know if that is bad budget or just the editor of the movie on some funny drugs. The movie is so forgettable if I do not write this review now, I may forget that I have even seen this movie. For the first time in a while Liam Neeson is playing a character that fits his age. He is a hitman getting too old and finding it difficult to remember things. There are not too many crazy stunts where we see him do some horrible hand to hand combat like in some of the other movies. This one just has him shooting at people. The plot is a good one, but the execution is horrible, and the screenplay is just a joke. I will advise anyone with anything better to do to avoid this movie.

The overall plot is, Alex (Liam Neeson) is a hitman hired to kill two people. The first one was a man who gave him a drive which has on it, video recordings of popular men sleeping with a minor. He killed that man and collected the drive easy. The second person he was to kill was the minor on the video, Alex refused to carryout that task and threatened the man who paid him to call off the kill. He woke up the next day to find out that the girl has been killed. He at first doubted himself because of his dementia whether he had done it, but then asking the person he was with he discovered he did not. He knew they were coming for him, so he ran off and called the FBI agent in charge of getting the girl to cooperate Vincent (Guy Pearce). He told Vincent all he knows about the case and telling Vincent he will kill the people involved. The movie is about Vincent trying to get to the end of the case he is dealing with and stopping Alex from committing murder. While Alex is slowly losing his grip on reality.

The movie is a failed attempt at doing something good with a story that had many possibilities. So many things do not make sense, how some people know some people. How it is easy to reach the FBI and an agent if you want. How foolish the police can be, a man steps out of the car unarmed and he is gunned down. Many things about this movie is recycled nonsense that is best forgotten.


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