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Snakes On A Plane (2006)

Snakes On A Plane (2006)




Samuel L. Jackson

Julianna Margulies

Nathan Philips

Bobby Cannavale


Directed by David R. Elis


I have never seen this movie before now as a first-time viewer, I am disappointed by the graphics even though it was 2006. The movie’s plot is not what I expect anyone to take seriously, it is a B-movie class writing how anyone think this is possible is beyond my reasoning. You can watch this movie and have fun jotting down all the things this movie got wrong about life itself, the airport rules and animals. The movie does not attempt to be anything more than a B-movie class. Over the years I have seen Samuel L. Jackson defend his work on this movie, after seeing it I do not understand what the hell he is defending this was a bad film.

The movie's director must have some sort of perverted mind. We got a snake biting a woman on the nipple, another biting a man on his junk. Then there was a situation where a woman was being pleasured by a snake, as she was asleep with the snake moving about her crutch area.

The claustrophobic effect of all this happening on a plane is felt, which I do give the cinematography props for that.

How are there snakes on a plane? Here is what led to that. The bad guy, Kim in this movie is a mafia boss. He is a known killer who has killed anyone who wants to testify against him. Now a man (Sean) witnessed the murder of a prosecutor by Kim himself, and the police must escort him to go be a witness in L.A. They are traveling to L.A. from Hawaii on a passenger flight, and Sean is being guarded by two officers one being Agent Flynn (Samuel L. Jackson) of the FBI.

From here is where the writers went loco, they thought through some things. Because Kim puts a timer release crate full of venomous snakes in the plane’s cargo hold. Believing that when they get released, they will attack everything and cause the plane to crash. To ensure that the snakes become aggressive when released he had one of his henchmen spray all the passengers coming aboard the plane with some form of pheromone which makes the snakes highly aggressive.

Now they thought through all that but failed to think through many other things. One major thing they failed to think through is the idea of Snakes on a Plane. The idea that it will beat airport security and happen to be supervised by a complacent officer. The idea that the snakes will move from the cargo hold to the top where the passengers are.

The movie was not a hit financially and I thank God for that because knowing Hollywood if this movie was a hit, they would have been a part two. Who knows what they will put on a plane next?


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