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Sneakerella (2022)

Sneakerella (2022)



Chosen Jacobs

Lexi Underwood

Devyn Nekoda

Bryan Terrell Clark


Directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum


I don’t think Disney can every get tired of the Cinderella character. They seem to have made many reimaging of this character from their first animated movie about it in 1950, to their first adaptation of their 1951 animation in 2015 and now we have this one. Which focuses on Sneakers and tries to be real, I use the word tries because Disney is not going to work on anything Cinderella without a little magic getting involved. I felt the movie was average at best, but I think it is because movies like this are not for me.

The long and short of this movie is that it is made for a particular audience in mind, those who like musical comedies and are young. There is a Disney age group that fits this kind of movie, and they will like it. I for one felt the movie tried in its reimaging and as I am not one for musical comedies, I found myself skipping pass many of the numbers to get to the plot.

The plot is about a young man named El who lives with his stepfather and two stepbrothers. His mother owns a shoe shop in Queens, New York and his stepfather moved there to manage the shop when she died. As Cinderella stories go, the man did not understand El’s passion for sneakers and instead of trying, he just shuts him down anytime El tries to show him he can do more than just watch the shop.

His brothers are cruel, while his stepfather was not being patient to understand his stepson, the stepbrothers did everything they could to make El’s life difficult and his work tedious.

El’s best friend is a young lady named Sami who invites El to come with him to a shoe drop off, there they meet Kira. El and Kira immediately had chemistry. When the three got into trouble and were being chased, Sami took off on her skateboard, thus leaving El and Kira to take the train to Queens together. El shows Kira around, telling her about his shoe making dream and she fell for him as he did her.

But El had to run off to his shop and ran off without getting Kira’s number.

Sami on a later day found out who she was. Kira is the daughter of a sneaker tycoon, a man looking for new designs. Sami convinces El for them to go to sneakers-com and with the help of a little magic from El’s gardener friend they made it. There he and Kira meet again with sparks everywhere.

How matters played out, how the Cinderella stories come into play in this movie is something I believe your children who are Disney fans would love to see on Disney+, maybe you the adult should go watch something else.


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