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Code Name Banshee (2022)

Code Name Banshee (2022)





Antonio Banderas

Jamie King

Tommy Flanagan


Directed by Jon Keeyes


Acting zero, soundtrack/score annoying sounds like a video game. Then the story is just a joke. This movie is supposed to be a spy movie with some intense matters, but instead what we get is a movie hoping to make sense. Jamie King character Banshee stern face feeling ahead and tougher than everyone else is laughable. Her character portrayal is so funny-bad that I am tempted to ask you to watch the trailer of this movie, if not that too would also be a waste of your time.

The movie has one major plot running finding a guy named Caleb who is suspected of treason and finding him carries a bounty of $10 million. Finding him turns out not to be so hard because Banshee did, only her in the entire secret service CIA of the U.S. has that one guy. He is so good he can track down the untraceable and hack into anything to let Banshee know where to go and who will be there waiting.

The movie from the get-go makes you know, yeap!!! This is going to be crap.

When during a briefing/interrogation Banshee attacked the lady (probably her handler we do not know) doing the questioning and puts a gun to her head. The information being passed across is that her father and her mentor are being suspected of treason. Her father is suspected dead and her mentor, Caleb is missing, and no-one can find him.

The movie does not lay-up on the ridiculousness in the process of hyping our girl she seems to get away from situations in some lacklustre John Wick style.

Then the whole treason situation and everything around the matter seems at one point to no longer matter. As the movie just gave up on the matter and focused more on the conversations.

The movie is so easy to figure out that there is no point stressing yourself seeing it. Caleb is in one remote place as a bar tender, who decided to train his daughter to be a bad ass.

My life has not improved in anyway seeing this movie. I was not happy nor satisfied in the end I wanted to get every ounce of my life back.

The best way to see such movie is the way I did, doing something else and allowing the movie to run in the background so you can giggle at the ridiculousness.

I came across this on TV and I would advise you skip it if you see it running.


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