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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)



Dick Van Dyke

Sally Ann Howes

Lionel Jeffries

Gert Fröbe


Directed by Ken Hughes


Fun time for the family with this movie which you can all sit down and watch on a beautiful Sunday morning. Guaranteed the children will sit with their headed tilted as they watch the Potts family go on their wonderful adventures with Miss Truly.

After their wonderful pairing in Mary Poppins (1964), this movie was supposed to reunite Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews, but she rejected the role and the role went to Sally Ann Howes, who was a nice Truly Scrumptious.

The movie is a whole two hour plus entertainment fun for children with a lot of songs for them and their parents to learn and sing along to. I can say with safety that this movie can be seen now with children, and they will love it all the same. They will love the drive in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and enjoy seeing how wonderful the Potts children are with Truly with their father Caractacus Potts (Van Dyke) always up for any adventure.

The movie made Truly and Caractacus a beautiful couple pairing from the moment you see them run into each other and can’t seem to avoid one another.

When the evil Baron saw and fell in love with the Potts car and wanted it, the movie took a more childish fun as we watch the two supposedly spy try to help their boss get what he wants.

The movie has a nice, sweet tone which it uses to charm the viewer to want to sit down through the entire minutes, as we see how the Potts children are heaven sent (unrealistic as it might be) they are a beautiful pair any parent will love to have.

The movie introduces us to the Potts children when they almost got run over by the nice Truly. She took them home and we meet their absent-minded father Caractacus who is an inventor with no money to his name.

Truly leaves them with their father not knowing very soon she would run into the three when they visited her father’s sweet factory to sell an idea for a whistle sweet. Caractacus needed to raise money (30 shillings) so he can buy a junk car his children love to play in. After another failed attempt after the sweet idea failed, Caractacus raised the money and bought the car.

He took the car home and worked on it and turned it to something magnificent, which can go practically anywhere they want it to.

What was nice to know is that this is not a Disney work, even though I grew up thing it was a Disney property.


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