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Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank (2022)

Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank (2022)


Starring the voices of:

Michael Cera

Ricky Gervais

Mel Brooks

Gabriel Iglesias

Djimon Hounsou

Samuel L. Jackson


Directed by Rob Minkoff, Mark Koetsier and Chris Bailey


When anything bleeds on your screen like the writer was probably tired and decided to recycle everything he knows about movies. They took all the ideas from the past to the present which they have seen in every movie possible. Not only is this movie boredom on the horizon, it makes you want to punch someone, no creativity at all, it is not funny and the whole training a dog to be a cat samurai is a mess.

Everything about this animation makes you want to locate the people behind it and ask them questions. The animation does not try to pull any surprises. It just coast on the boring idea of they have seen this before, so why not see it again.

You want to mention loose strings this movie has them in loads. You want to talk about lack of ideas this movie is the perfect example for that. This is one of those animations you wish you never saw, and there is one thing I will be grateful for is how forgettable it is, so I do not have to worry about this mistake in the near future.

The story is as dull as they come. A dog who has been pushed around all his life (Hank) decided to become a samurai based on his past encounter with one. Samurais in this world are cats and this dog left his dog land to the cat land to learn how to be one.

He got caught and would have been killed if a high ranking official (Ika Chu) had not hatched a plan where this dog could be of service. Ika Chu an official of the land's Shogun, desires to expand his giant palace, but the land of Kakamucho is in his way. He has tried all he can to get rid of the people, but nothing. Now the people have requested for a new Samurai to protect them from raiders.

Knowing that cats will kill a dog at first sighting he sent Hank to the land to go be its protector (Samurai) believing he will be killed, and he will use that as a reason to raid the town and destroy it. Since it is illegal to kill a Samurai.

Hank goes to fulfill his duty after arguing that he knows nothing about being a Samurai as he came to learn, survived the first encounter to Ika Chu’s displeasure. There Hank met Jimbo a former Samurai who agreed to train Hank so he can defend the town from raiders.

This would have been best done as a thirty-minute short film early morning animation for toddlers who will just like the whole running around and colors. For more grown-up children this would be the best thing to show them to guarantee they will sleep off.

Save yourself the time and the money to see this animation it is not worth it one bit.


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