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The Princess (2022)

The Princess (2022)




Joey King

Dominic Cooper

Olga Kurylenko

Veronica Ngo


Directed by Le-Van Kiet


The movie has one major thing going for it. It is not boring. I enjoyed how Joey King made her character flow from strong willed princess (Joey King) to a slight comedian even though it was ill-placed based on her life being in danger and all, in those instances.

Forget complex plot, this movie has one easy one for you to understand. She must marry a man, she said “no” and the man decided to take the kingdom by force. The Princess is set in medieval times and Joey King at first had to maneuver her way without a sword. Taking on two by herself, flipping here and there in a nice fight choreography done as not to exaggerate her abilities and with beautiful camera work so as drive home her ability.

The man she refused to marry, had her drugged and placed in a tower while he ravaged his own town wanting to break the spirit of her father and force her to marry him so he can be king. Unknown to him our Princess grew up knowing her father wanted his first child to be a boy, but then had her and her sister. She trained in fighting to be a warrior hoping to please her father, but sadly he was not pleased. Now all those training comes to play in a situation that her family has been captured and she is the only free to free them.

The movie’s CGI sucked badly that I can tell you. What I know made it a bit easy for her at times is that some of the henchmen know she must not be killed so that the antagonist can marry her and stake his claim to the kingdom.

What you will also like is her maneuvering with men twice her size. The movie does not take pity on our heroine as she is tossed about, cut, and hurt trying when taking on these giants or more than one man at a time.

It is not easy to have a movie run this long with little dialogue, more action and still be able to not make it tiresome. I give the director props on that one. Also, the acting of Joey King in every situation looked more convincing that I would have expected in movies such as this. What you would expect is the protagonist walk about with reckless abandon believing that he/she is heads and shoulders above everyone and everything and nothing can touch him.

Our Princess did not act as such. Other than the crappy CGI the other thing that made me angry is the last fight with the antagonist.

You can stream this movie on Hulu.


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