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The Sea Beasts (2022)

The Sea Beast (2022)



Starring the voices of

Karl Urban

Zaris-Angel Hator

Jared Harris

Marianne Jean-Baptiste

Dan Stevens

Kathy Burke


Directed by Chris Williams


This movie is a very surprisingly good animation from Netflix and for me the main reason they were able to get this animation to be so nice is that they got a person like Chris Williams on it steering the ship.

The name Chris Williams is familiar to me, and his work is also familiar to anyone who loves Disney works. He has been in the production team of Disney since the time of Mulan (1998), through to Raya and the Last Dragon (2021). Working on movies that you will see threads of in this movie, like Moana set in a world like that of Pirates of the Caribbean. He also picked things from How to Train Your Dragon. He mixed all this up with a new story to give us this action-adventure movie, that is deep with some wholesome family fun.

I liked the excitement when the movie sets off with what looked like a Moby Dick tale. That gave it a more matured start with the movie deciding to shift sticks as Captain Crow showed that he was not as obsessed with the hunt as Captain Ahab was with Moby Dick.

The movie’s main cast is a stow away little girl called Maisie. Maisie lives in an orphanage. It was setup by the King and Queen who care for the orphans of the men and women who died protecting their kingdom from these sea beasts. These hunters sail the seas, and they are funded by the royals to kill all the sea beasts they could find. The aim of this is that the kingdom gets to expand as the creatures are driven back away into the seas.

Maisie breaks out of the orphanage and stows away on the most famous ship in the kingdom the inevitable led by Captain Crow and his adopted son Jacob. When the job of the hunters was being threatened and the life of the captain was at stake, Jacob stood in the middle to wager the Hunters reputation against that of the kingdom’s navy. There is a popular sea creature everyone wants dead, the Red Bluster so the inevitable and the navy go after the creature.

The inevitable were the ones who come across the creature first and they were losing the battle until Maisie made a great decision to save the crew. This decision by this child annoyed Crow who pointed his gun on Maisie while Jacob was trying to stop the mayhem about to begin, the Red Bluster returns and does the unimaginable.

Cool movie and worth every moment I spent seeing it.


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