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Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)

Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)



Chris Hemsworth

Christian Bale

Tessa Thompson

Jaimie Alexander

Natalie Portman


Directed by Taika Waititi


Following the footsteps of Ragnarok (2017) was never going to be an easy fit for this movie. But director co-writer Taika Waititi did a nice job. I have to say the comedy in this movie hit home all the time and the fights and the way Thor upgraded the children when he drew power from Zeus Thunderbolt is a sight.

The movie in a way found its own path and made the best of it. It had its own challenges, the screenplay and the inconsistent tone can at times be annoying, but this movie was worth the time I spent seeing it and it will be worth yours too.

Yeap!!! It is finally here. Thanks to all the trailers we know who we were looking forward to seeing and that is Jane. In the comics Jane was an excellent Thor and, in this movie, she was one also. When the two teamed up to take on the creatures in the shadow realm (also fighting alongside them was Valkyrie) was a sight. Two Thors one wielding Stormbreaker and the other Mjolnir.

Thor: Love and Thunder is the 29th Movie in the MCU and the fourth Thor standalone movie in all.

The movie starts with Gorr (Christian Bale) praying to his god for help concerning him and his daughter as they were dying in a barren desert. She died and as he wondered off, he sees an Oasis he rushes in to find his god Rapu having a feast. He still reaches out to him for help with his faith. But Rapu dismisses him and calls his daughter death irrelevant. This angered Gorr who renounces his god which annoys Rapu who tries to kill him. Then the Necrosword (a god killing weapon) called to Gorr as he was dying in Rapu’s hand. Gorr reached and the sword came to him, and he used it to kill Rapu and swore to kill all gods.

Thor on the other side of things was lost trying to find a meaning to his life when he got a distress call and heard about the rampaging Gorr. Gorr had killed many gods in other realms and Asgard is next.

Thor goes to where the last Asgardians are on earth led by King Valkyrie and was surprised to find Jane as a Thor (someone he has not seen in 8 years) there along with Valkyrie fighting Gorr and his creatures. Gorr lost this battle but took all the Asgardian children.

Thor, Jane, Valkyrie and Korg now are trying to recruit other gods to form a team to go after Gorr and save the children.

There is a sad undertone in this movie, Jane is dying, and this could be her last time to feel alive again.

Fun movie and was a fun watch, something I will likely see again.


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