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The Mechanic (2011)

The Mechanic (2011)


Jason Statham
Ben Foster

Directed by Simon West

This movie stars Jason Statham as Arthur Bishop and it is just an action movie made for Jason Statham fans.

I am sure the producer of the movie had a wish list which include, make a movie with Jason Statham in it.

The movie as I said is just an action movie focused mainly on gun battles, killings and not much attention placed on the script or dialogue.

The Mechanic is a remake of a 1972 Charles Bronson picture of the same name, Jason Statham is trying hard to carve his name on the wall as one of the men you’ll be calling when making an action movie a carving that will take a while to stick, but I think and stand to be corrected. Statham is far from the greats of Arnold, Stallone, Jackie Chan, and others you may want to add.

The movie plot goes thus Arthur is (in the film's terminology) a mechanic a.k.a an assassin who carries out assignments for a nameless syndicate which kinda have an endless target list.

He has two bosses, one of whom, Dean (Tony Goldwyn) an uptight looking, Donald Trump talking man and his old crippled mentor Harry McKenna (Donald Sutherland) whom he is quite fond of.
The wheelchair bound, Harry returns his affection and even showing some paternal concern for Arthur during the early minutes of this flick.
The movie starts where we see Arthur in Colombia, where he'd neatly dispatched a drug lord in the film's opening scene which I have to say was masterful way to kill someone.

We then notice a twist of faith which leaves Harry dead as Arthur had to end the life of his mentor, which resulted in a revengful kid (Harry's son) wanting to pick a bone with him.

Arthur then in a way or exactly became the mentor of his mentor’s estranged son Steve (Ben Foster, who starred alongside Woody Harrelson in The Messenger), who is a screw loose and on the edge of a jump off a cliff as his whole agenda is bent on avenging his father's murder.

The movie is actually directed by Con Air’s director Simon West and, seems too conventional to be a movie made in the year 2011.

West's Con Air, is more grounded and shows imagination (although it was done way back when) but here we have a movie lacking what it needs the most, emotions.

Audience like to be in the actors shoes not just watch him act like a Zombie sent to take out people, but The Mechanic deprives you of that feeling and you are left watching a terminator looking assasin, going around feeling like God.


  1. loool...oh tosin!!...well..i had to check out ur blog for this movie bcos it was a movie i took time to watch and when i actually did(esp becos it was a statham nt a fan at all..d man is just arrogant and annoyin)i watched it and i felt disgusted!...i mean SERIOUSLY!...was that meant to be a movie or some sort of a joke and the next thing is "well, what do you think?" was one of those movies you want to watch fr d sake of watchin and deleting it immediaTELY..what an eyesore..i dnt even want remember d move anymore cos its worse than a nytmare..2/10 shd hav been given..and the tag?..."WARNING!..stay away from this movie..might cause a mental breakdown or rather disturbance'

  2. lol...2/10 will be a little harsh, a good Statham movie is hard to find as they all fall in the below average score