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HOP (2011)

HOP (2011)


James Marsden
Russell Brand
Kaley Cuoco
Hugh Laurie

Directed by Tim Hill

Hop is an Easter theme animated feature movie, that tells the tale of a rabbit E.B, who doesn’t want to take over from his dad as the Easter bunny.

The tale also tells the story of a man Fred (James Madsen) who is seen as a disappointment by his father. This two meet and the movie starts.

A young bunny refuses to follow in his father’s footsteps and runs away from home to chase his dream.

That plot alone lacks creativity, and can only pass if you have a good script to back it up. But in Hop's case that script probably hopped away.

He runs into a guy and at first makes the guys life a living hell.

The bunny is chasing a career to be a top musician, in a self-centered way, now doesn’t that sound familiar? 
Did I mention that this movie was directed by the same guy that directed Alvin and the Chipmunks?

The music was…. the choice of music was ‘I want candy’ which E.B sang while ruining a drama presentation, not only was the song itself absurd when hearing it because it doesn’t go with the scene at present, not even with movie as a whole at all, it was sung to make it look like Madison was using E.B as a hand puppet.

In that particular where scene E.B goes crazy singing i want candy, it just stood out weird and out of place, what was the director thinking?

Hop itself is a lot of hops away from being a master piece, with an uninspiring script, and too many familiar clichés and plots. The movie is boring to watch, and it makes you want to turn off the screen if possible after just 30 minutes into it. Too many things are wrong with this movie e.g 

A bunny that poops candy??? Come on!!!

This movie lacks suspense in any way and it is as predictable as they come.

The reason Madison was in this beats me, so i just want to believe that maybe James wasn’t getting roles so he had to settle for this. His portrayal of an immature man was not doing justice to the movie as James is better suited for a movie that exploits his talent as a matured individual. 

You can argue that he tried, but I believe better casting could have been done because he looked over grown for the role and made every scene he was look silly.

The dialogue didn’t even make me grin, and this movie is supposed to be a comedy.

Well the only plus is the voice casting, and the Cameo voice of Hugh Hefner too was a plus, if you haven’t seen this congrats you have dodged a bullet.


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