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Priest (2011)

Priest (2011)



Paul Bettany
Karl Urban
Cam Gigandet
Maggie Q
Lily Collins

Directed by Scott Stewart

Sit tight and Get ready to be bored, with CGI vampires, supposed to be interesting fight scenes, and let’s not forget impossible stunts that don’t even make you say WOW!!! And an unforgettable intro scene that makes you wonder.

I should have rated this movie a 2/10 but I give them a plus one for effort.

Scott Charles Stewart presents the PRIEST, a movie that is lacking in depth and also lacking in a good story. We spend time watching a movie that I recommend you see when you have insomnia and you just don’t want to waste the up time. The film is based on a Korean comic created by Hyung Min-woo that combines the Western genre with horror.

The beginning of the movie shows an animated, supposed to be story depth about Humans and Vampires locked in a war, only for the Church to breed special humans trained to become sacred warriors known as Priests. These warriors tipped the balance in the favor of the humans and ended the war. With the Priests believed to have wiped out the vampires, the Church then disbands the Priests, strip them of their authority and function because they fear that the Priests have become too powerful. So the Priests go underground and find alternative employment.

With a cast that includes Maggie Q, who gives us some nice Possess when she does anything, and adds some romance that is not acceptable in the movie, or in the Priest’s world. Paul Bettany (remember him… the guy from the crappy movie “Legion”where he plays a fallen angel and battles CG enemies or maybe you remember him as the albino assassin in The Da Vinci Code a 2006 film based on a novel by Dan Brown), is here playing a fallen Priest, as he goes against the Church and goes to save his kidnapped niece from vampires, and some odd looking CG enemies.

The Movie dishes out twists like a kid would when telling you a story you have heard over and over again, and he expects you to be surprised. The twist always goes by uneventful, stealing ideas from Blade Runner and Star Wars.

Verdict, please don’t waste your money, why will Stewart make a movie so full of clichés and wasted lines. 60 million went into this movie all of the money can be seen in the ending of the movie in the scene of the train fight. Other than that, the movie is a waste.

Thanks Stewart.


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