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Thor: Tales of Asgard (2011)

Thor: Tales of Asgard


Starring (Voice)
Rick Gomez
Tara Strong
Matthew Wolf

Directed by Sam Liu

This Animation is based on our hero’s life in his teenage days. Which i have to admit i was fooled when i heard the movie was coming out i felt it will be about Thor, and he battling some crazy stuff that want's to invade and bring an end to Asgard, but boy was i surprised to see teen Thor.

When the movie started I welcomed the concept of a young Thor and I eagerly waited to see him age into the mighty Thor but that didn’t happen, in this Thor in his youth film even the hammer Mjölnir is not mentioned in the film, it is shown but not mentioned. We get to see a Thor and Loki’s bond, which is acceptable as they were young and no form of jealousy or feud has developed between them, and we also see them have each other’s back and a sense of loyalty to one another.

The movie’s plot is about a young Thor who learns to become a man (he doesn’t grow up though). He has to get over himself and his pride as he journeys into the land of the frost giants to recover the Sword of Surtur.
Just like the movie and the comic book Thor is an egotistic individual who always find himself facing some form of challenge so as to make him humble and then at the end he grows or matures which ever you prefer.

I am a huge marvel fan but yet still, their Direct to DVD animations always fall short to that of DCs and I hope this will change soon, although the Hulk series where Hulk gets to face Wolverine and also Thor was very good but to be honest the DCs direct to DVDs have found a way of making you the viewer look forward to the next, but in the case of Marvel for me I just get bored and don’t see myself queuing up the next.

Well since Walt Disney has now bought over Marvel, we do hope we get to see better Direct to DVD movies, also I wonder if it will be possible for us to see a Star Wars cross into the Marvel universe. I felt the reason why this movie was so lacking in fun is that Marvel (or Disney) was ready to end their 8 movie deal with Lionsgate, as every other movie made by Marvel will now be distributed by Disney. So I guess Disney didn’t put all their weight into this one.

The next marvel animation in the pipeline is Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United which I believe will be released in 2013. So Now that cash will not be a problem, I hope the next direct to DVD will be a classic, and one to keep for our children to see.


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