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What if... (2010)

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What if... (2010)


Kevin Sorbo
Kristy Swanson
Debby Ryan
Caeden Lovato

Directed by Dallas Jenkins

What if…
What if I didn’t get to see this film, would it have mattered?
That is how I felt when I was done watching this movie.
What if is the Christian version of Nicholas Cage’s The Family Man (2000) and it is a bad reinvention of the wheel.
What if is dull and at times it just looked stupid, the comedy was not well timed, and the adaptation of the character to his new life was rough. The whole plot that led to him getting use to his new life was weak and not well thought through.

While watching I didn’t get to see the attachment to his children, which is very important, there was a time when his kids felt he was another man entirely and then later on there was a fatherly bond going on, what happened in between?
The producers just took a good story and made a nonsense tale out of it and stamped on it Christian drama.
As a strong supporter of independent Christian film I dislike when I see a lot of things going wrong with some movies, in this world where the secular movies are making violence and sex seem like the norm, the Christian movies have to make movies that will draw you in then leave you with the message that God wants us all to be like Christ.
Although this is not the worse Christian movie I have seen, but it will not come in as average either, as it was not that good.

The movie plot is about a man Ben Walker (Kevin Sorbo) who left a path that God had planned for him and went into the real world. There in the world Ben made a success of himself. He was happy with his money and his investment until he ran into an angel who told him that he would have to see life at the other side to see what life would have been if he had done what God expected of him.

Unable to get away from what has been set in motion, Ben decided to get used to the life where he is now married his first love, is a pastor of a growing church and was a father. All this with the hope that in the end God will let him get back to his previous life where everything was just as he liked it.

I will not give this movie a good rating because I know it could have been better.


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