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Deadpool (2016)

Deadpool (2016)


Ryan Reynolds

Directed by Tim Miller

Saying you will not enjoy this movie will be a blatant lie and standout as the understatement of the year, but I can bluntly say this will not be the best or top superhero movie for 2016, nor the best movie of the year either. Deadpool is cool, funny and action packed, but it was just there.

For the many who have seen X-men Origins: Wolverine, you will remember a Deadpool character played also by Ryan Reynolds take on Wolverine. In X-men Origins: Wolverine origins he was a mercenary with a mouth, but they marred the character when they decided to take away his mouth, giving us just a mercenary who died much too easily.

When they decided to make this movie with Reynolds also getting a sit in the producer corner, they decided to make this movie true to the comics. Fans will not be disappointed to see Deadpool break the forth wall, chatting with us the viewers and also be prepared to see him break the forth wall in a forth wall kind of like a sixteenth wall break.

One thing I fancied about this movie’s production is the amount of time and effort that went into the marketing. I can bet there are many who don’t know who Deadpool is, a friend of mine who followed me to go see this movie had to get a tune-up intro on who he was and why he was special. Now that didn’t deter him from sleeping off when the writers did a boring and long job telling us how Wade Wilson became Deadpool, but after that he was awake through the rest.

Back to the marketing, it was so well crafted and made to trend high on social media that even if you had no idea who Deadpool was, you will want to see this movie, maybe not in the cinema like the rest of us, but you will add it to your must see.

The movie has a grand beginning with some really funny open credits, then it introduces our anti-hero in a still scene that depicted that this guy, is not a nice guy.
Wade Wilson is a former special ops agent, who turned mercenary and choose to help those who can’t help themselves and also get paid doing it. He is in a serious relationship that was heading to the altar when he was hit with the sad news of cancer. He got an invite from a man who promises to take his cancer away and turn him into a hero.
He first turned down the offer, but not wanting to put his girlfriend through the trauma of caring for a cancer lover, he leaves her and meets up with this man, who introduces him to Ajax who turned Wade into an ugly looking mutant with accelerated healing superpowers and slight insanity.

Now hell bent on revenge and a cure to his ugliness, Deadpool hunts down Ajax. His hunt didn’t go unnoticed as Colossus and with his sidekick Negasonic Teenage Warhead, track down Wade and try to get him to stop his trail of killing in search of Ajax, which as you may have guessed didn’t work.

Now as I said, this movie is fun and action packed. You will not regret seeing this and I advise you do as Deadpool 2 (2018) is already in the works.


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