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Pete’s Dragon (2016)

Pete’s Dragon (2016)


Bryce Dallas Howard
Oakes Fegley
Wes Bentley
Karl Urban

Directed by David Lowery

Just like The BFG (2016) never got enough wind beneath its wings to make it count for Disney as another movie this 2016 that will break the bank, Pete’s Dragon suffered the same fate, but performed better in the box office.
I have to say I really enjoyed Pete’s Dragon and the whole story did not hide behind the idea of a child struggling to make people believe which was what I thought the movie was going to be about.

I watched this movie without any idea on what it was about, just seeing the preview on Cable TV was what it took for me to see it. Even then I expected the movie to be one that will play with your mind making you think if Pete is really seeing a dragon or not. The movie did not go down that path. It started with how Pete met his best friend a dragon he named Elliot and how that friendship brought a whole town to witness a story which has been classified as a myth.

Concerning the CGI and the acting of the people on-board this movie, I will say the characters Pete (Oakes Fegley), the CGI Elliot and Gavin (Karl Urban) stole the show from the rest.
These three seem to be in control of the movie’s pace and the happenings with others who were meant to have major roles just falling behind.
The CGI of Elliot the dragon is one to care for, it was well done.

Unlike the previous Disney Pete’s Dragon (1977) which was a musical live-action animated film, this movie had its own distinctive and yet different storyline to its original. This 2016 version removed the unnecessary, like Pete’s back story being he ran away from his cruel foster parents after being an Orphan, here after the death of his parents in a car accident he went into the words where he met Elliot. They also removed the idea that Elliot could talk back to Pete verbally and made their communication more of telepathy.

In this here Pete’s Dragon Pete one day wondered far from Elliot and met a girl. With this girl was Grace (Bryce Dallas Howard) a forest ranger, along with them was Gavin Grace’s future brother in-law. It was Gavin who caught Pete and in the struggle hurt him, which woke Elliot from his nap.

Pete was rushed to the hospital while Gavin went hunting in the words because he heard a howling that was different. He and his hunting buddies stumbled upon Elliot and Pete’s home which cause Elliot the dragon to attack.

Gavin escaped with his friends and rallied more people to go dragon hunting. While this was happening, Pete was living with Grace begging to go back to the forest to be with his friend.
Everything soon led to the capture of Elliot and Pete’s desire to get him free again.

Good movie to see with your family.


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