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Max Steel (2016)

Max Steel (2016)


Ben Winchell
Josh Brener (Voice of Steel)
Andy Garcia
Maria Bello

Directed by Stewart Hendler

Wow!!! what a waste of time, money and effort.

I did get to see the different cartoon versions of Max Steel and you will think with all the stories available and the possible twist they could have included into this movie, the producers and the writers will have a field day turning out a great action blockbuster. What they ended up doing was deliver a movie so boring and so uneventful it will take courage not to demand your money back after seeing it.

The level of complexity weaved into the plot is so daft, you will have to concentrate to separate the current happenings, Max’s memories and Steel’s memories.
The movie then gets to a point you will think things will start to make sense and it stays there until the undramatic stupidly hilarious ending. Making you wonder, how did this leave the story board?

This is supposed to be a Sci-fi action movie, but then there is a girl to add a romantic twist, now the girl was either lacking friends and was too dumb to avoid stupid people, that regardless of Max’s erratic behavior she still stuck with him. Now I bet you will be thinking maybe they have been friends for a long time or something, nope.
According to the movie Max just moved into the town and she found his necessity for distancing himself attractive and was not turned off by his erratic behavior which will naturally make people keep their distance.

Then the is the voice of Steel, which was not fun to hear, but rather an annoying voice which seems to not know when to shut up.
When Steel teaches Max how to use his powers what we get to see is laughable episode, like Max just took drugs.

Everything about the movie was not bad, the CGI was cool, but when the fight scenes come up get ready to be disappointed. There were too many cut away from what is happening, to the faces of the men in the suits as they strain and grunt like they had constipation.

The movie plot starts with Max (Ben Winchell) and his mother (Maria Bello) move into a new town.

Max soon discovers that his body generates a sort of power in the form of electricity, which he discovers can cause machines to blow up. Coincidentally, when Max discovered his powers an alien named Steel who has been dormant in a facility comes to life and tracks down Max.

They form an unusual bond which has Steel eating up Max's powers to keep Max from exploding.

Their union creates a superhero named Max Steel.
Their bonding was interrupted by a hunt for both of them and an evil force which wishes to harness Max's power for himself.

This movie was both a critical and commercial failure, I need not say more on you avoiding this.


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