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Coma (2020)

Coma (2020)


Rinal Mukhametov
Lyubov Aksyonova
Anton Pampushnyy
Milos Bikovic

Directed by Nikita Argunov

Here is a brief idea of what you get when you sit to watch this Russian movie titled Coma. Note it is in Russian so you may have to take not to see an English dubbed version of this Sci-Fi.

I like the way Coma starts along the paths of science fiction sucking you into its own world, where you settle into the idea that another world exist which is identical to ours. In this world everything there exist because of memories of the people living in it. These people in this world are all coma patients. At this point the first question that crossed my mind is that, how is it possible that all the coma patients in the world meet at one place? I started to get invested in the idea that maybe all humans are connected in some sort of dream state connection which ties us all together. And when people are in a coma, they are stuck in that dream state and there they meet other people, stuck in the same dream state.
All that and more theories are being built in my head, as the people in this world cannot remember who they are or what they used to do, all they know is that they have to survive in this world. Reason survival is key in a world where everything you see are memories, is that have some creature called reapers in this world that hunts them. When these creatures catch you, you no longer exist in the coma world, I believe then you are brain dead. All these people gather together in a camp like place with their leader who guides them.

Here is the main jolt of this movie, you see all the things I have written above is how much the movie pulls you in to be invested in it, then during a battle of survival it pulls the rug right from under you. Everything, the whole idea of what is going on in this world is just smokescreen for what is really happening. The moment the smoke cloud lift you are lost at first.
I had to skip back to see what connected the coma world to what looked like the real world, only to continue watching and see this movie morph from a sci-fi to a medical thriller.

The movie focuses on a single characters journey into this world. Where when he first woke up into this world after he fell into a coma, he is rescued by a group of fighters who came to save him from the reapers. He is then taken to their camp where their leaders marks him the chosen one and he is told everyone in this world has some sort of power. Some can sense when danger is approaching, others are tech genius and some are like battle warriors. He needs to discover what his power is and how he fits into everything.

This where I am going to stop so that I will not drop more spoilers. The movie is fun to see and very enjoyable a ride. The visual effects of the coma world is very smooth and done extremely well. The acting is also on point and I found myself giving a lot of kudos to the director of this flick for doing a nice job in maintaining the thrill as the movie morphs.


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