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The Misfits (2021)

The Misfits (2021)




Pierce Brosnan

Rami Jaber

Hermione Corfield

Jamie Chung

Mike d Angelo

Tim Roth

Nick Cannon

Directed by Renny Harlin

Everyone in this movie had some weird shitty facial expression with acting skills that felt like they were being made to do this film against their own will. The acting in this movie is so poor, you will think neither of these actors have ever acted in any major movie before. With lines that seem to have jumped out of a kiddy early morning cartoon, this poorly written film can best be summarized as a best seen only if your life depended on it.

The Misfits is a comedy heist film, about six characters trying to steal gold bars from some bad guys in the middle east.

One thing that stands out is the main character Richard, you wonder all through the movie his significant, because his portrayal warrants to be shot on sight. His ideas and inputs are so basic I wonder how stupid everyone on his team must really be in this movie world to need him to point it out for them. Here is one very significant point he laid on them, “the problem with gold is, it is heavy...” My thought was of all the people that planned this heist, none of them thought of how to transport this gold and needed Sherlock here to come tell them how heavy gold is.

The whole movie is about this team coming together with the whole idea of doing some good. Each in their own way steal from bad people and do some good with it. Their next victim was a bad reach middle eastern who built a prison and stored in it gold. Get ready now to spend the next thirty-nine minutes getting to know nobody. The movie tries to give us a little depth into four characters in the first eight minutes (Ringo, The Prince, Violet and Wick). Then spends the next thirty minutes trying to get Richard (Pierce Brosnan) character onboard on the whole plan.

These thirty minutes will be one of the most boring bad acting setting i have seen in a while. Then we meet the last member of the crew Hope, Richard's daughter in the last minute of the thirty-nine.

The movie seems to have a bet on itself, like if the viewer has not slept off in this agonizing long intro. Then we will get them in the next agonizing, stupid, outright ridiculous plan to carry out a gold heist. The whole show was over done with explosions and driving, fights and non-fights, escapes and the idea of being trapped.

There is not much I can dive into concerning this plot without giving anything away, but know this see this movie at your own peril.


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