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The Addams Family 2 (2021)

The Addams Family 2 (2021)



Starring the voices of

Oscar Isaac

Charlize Theron

Chloë Grace Moretz

Nick Kroll

Directed by Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon

When the creepy, cooky Addams family get together with the hope of plastering down some entertainment you should be weary. The old times when the Addams family were a hit is long gone and the firstanimated movie (The Addams Family (2019)) to me was just a spark in the pan. I felt they had found a way to bring back something from the past with new light, but instead this second CG animated movie just proved that this franchise should return back to retirement.

This animated sequel just draws out all the wrong things from the first movie and leaves out the needed excitement and fun. Imagine a family themed animation without any reason for you to laugh. There is no point creating a sequel when you have a script that waste so much time dragging us from an ending which was unavoidable.

Wednesday Addams feels like she does not belong. You know that feeling every child gets when you wish you were born into another family? It is understandable and something any adult or teenager will be able to relate to. This movie decided to take a very familiar subject and marinate it with unfunny incidents and parents trying so hard to be more irresponsible than could possibly be.

How the writer was able to drag this whole thing for more than an hour is amazing. If there was an award form the animation that just drags unnecessarily, this movie will win it. This whole movie could have best been done in twenty minutes. But instead, Gomez and Morticia avoid facing up to the reality that Wednesday could not be their child and drag the matter with an unneeded road trip.

Wednesday already had all the needed gadgets and the Addams as we know are never lacking in money that they could not have handled this better. You may see this as overthinking, but the challenge is the road trip to which Gomez planned to avoid getting a DNA test resulted in the end to a DNA test (which packed some surprises). So I am watching this delay tactic which proved not to be worth it.

The jokes in the Addams family is their interactions to the outside world, but here all the interactions were not bringing out the best in the characters. They dynamic to which made the first movie worth the time was missing in this one. What we now have is a too Addams – Addams family, trying to get by in a world not suited for people like them. In the first movie at least I enjoyed them trying to gel with the people around them. Here they just pissed me off.

The movie starts with false hope of Wednesday getting upset with the way children are being given participation trophy, removing the needed for useful competition. The science fair to which her school organized showed off the powers of Wednesday’s mind as she was able to merge the DNA of a smart octopus with that of her uncle Fester. The man (Dr. Strange) who sponsors the science fair saw this and wanted the whole thing, but Wednesday was not willing to share.

So he thought of a way to get her. All this is tied to the whole Wednesday is not an Addams and we watch a cat and mouse game which led no where fun at all.


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