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Marry Me (2022)

Marry Me (2022)



Jennifer Lopez

Owen Wilson


Directed by Kat Coiro


You know that icky annoying feeling that makes you want to puke, so when such scenes and moments come up, you just use the skip button and thank God you are not watching this at the theatre? This movie has it in loads.

The key plot is – my heart got broken on my wedding day because my man is cheating, wow I guess that’s 10/10 for originality. This happens stupidly in the most cringy way in front of over 20 million people (either watching on a screen or in attendance). I give the worst speech ever and decided to marry the first guy my eyes come across… who wrote this crap?

This looks like one of those things you see on those South American soap operas that makes you glad you have no idea what led to this, and you are not interested to know how it is going to end.

My case is different trapped in another state and having this for what is supposed to be entertainment made me wish for something better for my life.

Skipping all the nonsense the movie proceeds to jump into a Notting Hill kind of put together. Where there is no secret this time of the big star (Kat played by Jennifer Lopez) and the Mr. nobody being together. You must remember the Mr. nobody (Charlie – Owen Wilson). You see both did not consider for a second the impact of the on stage million viewers marriage they did, so when the whole things blow the movie then turns the two leads to idiots.

How did they think that this was not going to blow up and have its own repercussions is one of those things that made me wonder if this movie had a director at all? If the writers skipped some of these idiotic ideas, they let spue out of their inks, at least the director will notice it and do some work, but nope the nonsense continues.

Then instead of cleaning up the mess, Kat decided to move on with the marriage by filing the marriage papers and convincing Charlie to go with it, in the most unconvincing way ever. At this point I am now the idiot that choose to continue watching and not switching this thing off. Curiosity got the best of me I wanted to see how it will play out, I had hoped that the movie will savage itself in this coming turning of events. Well it got mushier for some parts and in the end, this is one movie I will not be telling anyone to take their time out to go see.


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