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Strange World (2022)

Strange World (2022)



Starring the voices of

Jake Gyllenhaal

Dennis Quaid

Jaboukie Young-White

Gabrielle Union

Lucy Liu


Directed by Don Hall


Strange World is a Disney box-office flop, and it is not only the bad marketing for this animation that caused it, but the plot is boring and a bit of too much over-recycled things we have seen before.

Their 61st theatrical production was not impressive at all and the movie’s LGBT representation that seems to be one thing people are talking about, was not as deep as they make it and was not all up in your face as some said. The animation seems to have a blend of CGI and 2D, the voice acting was not so spectacular like the other things I have seen. Then the characters are too one dimensional, which added to the predictability of the animation and made it more like a TV animated movie. You would expect more complex characters and deeper plots from a theatrical animation.

When the movie made the big reveal at the end, it was nice and caught my attention. It also makes you do a lot of think back, but it was at the end after the boredom had made me dislike this animation. Other than that, the movie fails to follow the trend set by the other Disney fun and engaging animations before it since Frozen got all of us singing Let it Go.

The movie plot is about a place called Avalonia. It is surrounded by mountains and the people need aid of explorers to discover better ways to make the land better. The hero and top explorer in the land is Jaeger Clade. Clade and his family (including his son Searcher) are adventurers who go about doing the exploring for new things and places in their world.

Searcher does not want to be an explorer like his father and during their exploration they come across a plant Searcher names Pando.

Searcher and the rest believe this new discovery is enough to dig into and see how it can change things for them in Avalonia, but Jaeger wanted to venture on. He did, leaving his team behind.

Twenty-five years later Pando has become everything in Avalonia, their source of power used to fly their craft and power their lives. Then it happens, after years of living on Pando, the plant is now dying. So, an expedition is needed to the center of the land to discover what is causing this and to find out how to end it.

I find it hard to be able to recommend for anyone to go see this animation, because the chances are it will go over the young ones head and you may end up finding it very boring as I did.


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