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Shotgun Wedding (2022)

Shotgun Wedding (2022)




Jennifer Lopez

Josh Duhamel

Jennifer Coolidge


Directed by Jason Moore


I keep trying my best to maintain some sort of suspense by avoiding to see previews or read about a movie before seeing them. Because if I did, I may never watch You People or this movie.

The movie is one of those romcoms that those craving such a view will enjoy. Also, if you are a JLO fan here is a movie for you. If you are like me who wanted to watch something new and exciting, then the movie is an easy pass. Unlike other cringy things on the streaming platform, this had its moments. I did not mind some of the comedy, but action was just too much to make sense and at some point, the whole thing reached a stage of boredom.

The movie is what you would not expect for a destination wedding. When the couple both actually had their doubts and personal reasons why they want the wedding to fail or go through.

In the list of the guest are some known actors and some you would not mind if you never get to know their names. Our couple is Darcy and Tom (Lopez and Duhamel), who invited their family and close friend to their wedding. Everything looked off from the start. It took a more awkward turn when Darcy’s ex showed up at the wedding, invited by Darcy’s father. That stirred things up and finally toppled an already shaky couple relationship.

The next day when the wedding was supposed to take place, the two were fighting elsewhere planning to call their wedding off as they were being honest for once to one another. The waiting guest got a surprise as the whole presession was held up by pirates. They wanted Darcy’s father to give them $45 million, or they plan to hurt everyone. The couple in question were still trapped in their own world and fighting away when Tom noticed that they were not safe, he was able to calm Darcy and inform her, it was from here the movie took a turn as the couple combined turned to a clumsy John McClane. And they went after the ones who came to crash their wedding.

For me this movie is just one of those things out there to fill up the Amazon Prime catalogue so it will not just be an empty folder. It stands as one of those movies that if you miss then you have not missed much, it is not memorable, and I cannot imagine myself sitting through it one more time.


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