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Richie Rich (1994)

Richie Rich (1994)





Macaulay Culkin

John Larroquette

Edward Herrmann

Jonathan Hyde

Christine Ebersole


Directed by Donald Petrie


The whole film is a nostalgia fest. It is not fantastic, nor will it cut across as the go-to film for family fun. But as a child in the 90s, watching the film after twenty-nine years I still loved it, and found the smiles of your youth back watching Macaulay Culkin again.

The special effects did their best is what I will say, for something done in 1994, the bee flight and control looked good.

The story of the film can be said to be very shallow, things moved from this is the Rich family here is their son struggling to get along with others, to where are the Rich parents.

But the idea of the film is to give you a child like view of what other kids think or will do when faced up with someone who is richer and well-paced to outshine them in many ways.

The film is based off a comic of the same name by Alfred Harvey and Warren Kremer. We meet the richest man in the world and his family. His son Richie is ultimately the richest boy in the world. Now Richie does not have any friends, so his butler Cadbury took him to the park one day, and he got down to play ball with the kids there and was good at it.

The Richs were supposed to go on a trip and Cadbury was able to convince them to let Richie stay behind, because he was lonely. Cadbury then got the kids from the park to come visit, and they had a magnificent time.

On the plane trip the Rich parents discover a bomb, they were able to dispose of it, so it will not harm them, but not fast enough that it damaged their plane.

The couple were pronounced dead. Now Richie has to manage his new life, with the CFO eager to be in control and his loyal butler Cadbury framed for the incident.

What I liked about the film is how Richie managed to overcome these things, by just opening himself up to be nice to others.

The film did not try to win any Academy Award with its acting, they were goofy enough to make you smile and make young people envy such a life.

I think now this film will fall some rungs than when we saw it, because kids our age when we saw it, now want to be Taylor Swift and are more exposed to Marvel and Transformers to be interested in this sort of comedy.

But when we were young, things like this and Home Alone were the movies to watch on the regular on Sundays.


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