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Michael (1996)

Michael (1996)



John Travolta

Andie MacDowell

William Hurt

Bob Hoskins

Robert Pastorelli


Directed by Nora Ephron


When I was much younger and saw Michael, I could not fully understand or put my hand on it, what I did know was that the film did not make the same impact I expected from seeing a John Travolta film.

I blamed it when I was much older on my inability to fully comprehend and understand the film itself. Seeing the film now, with my adult eyes, I can say this is one of the most pointless film about an angel I have ever seen.

Are you trying to tell me that the archangel Michael is so jobless, that making two people fall for one another and be in a relationship was more important than other things in life.

The story is so lacking any form of cohesion that I cannot imagine I allowed my sister to talk me into seeing it, all to find out that she also did not find the film at all entertaining, and only wanted to see it because as children we were huge fans of John Travolta.

What is Michael about? That will be a question from anyone who is blessed to not have seen this film back when it was made.

Michael is about the archangel of the same name (played by Travolta) who came down to aid an old lady with her issues. That was the start of the film, as two popular journalists for the National Mirror were sent to get Michael to Chicago. It was when they meet him that we come to see that Michael had other reasons why he was here on earth, and why he specifically wanted to be chaperoned by these three from the National Mirror. Two of the people sent to pick him were popular journalist Frank and Huey, there were told by their boss to take along Dorothy, a lady who their boss claims is an angel specialist.

When they got to the location where Michael was, they were shocked by his behaviour and his manner of speaking.

Michael was staying with the old lady he came to help and decided to go along with them to Chicago.

He refuses to fly, settling for a road trip instead, or have his picture taken until they get to Chicago. The journey to Chicago is what the film is about, and we see soon that Michael, even though he is an angel, remove that thought of this claim being a lie, had other intentions and desires for this trip.

His behaviour and mannerism on this trip were not exciting, but borderline annoying, and their stops made no sense in the way Michael chooses to handle things happening around him.

It felt like a horny angel wanting to sleep around.

Avoid this movie by all cost to save your sanity and probably your innocence.


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